The impact of Social Media on PR

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The good thing about getting involved with New Media as a PR student is that I get to know the theoretical side in general while learning how to use the new kinds of media. Exploring and experiencing social media as a user, blogger (publisher) as well as an aspiring PR professional gives so many viewpoint to look at social media.

Average people participating in social media we have various degrees of impact and undoubtedly they are being bombarded with so many messages and calls for action as well.Out of the various idea discussed in class around this new phenomenon the Concept of Multiple Voices stuck with me the most.  If we just forget for a minute there are journalists and corporations and PR professionals out there, we do just have the many voices of the internet users.For them to use their voice and not just submerge into the chaos of many voices that don’t make sense, they need to get organized. In other words as an ordinary user of the internet or blogger it just might be the case, that your voice is just worth as much as many supporters you attract and organize around you. Even if you are not a PR professional you need a plan and many help to get your message across.

This is where for example Twitter comes in. I just started to use it and learn about it recently. Some people get tweeting so right that they have thousands of followers. For me this is really amazing, because Twitter is not like Facebook where you have a very detailed profile through people ‘get to know you’ more.  Since Twitter focuses more on the messaging bit.  Your messages have to be newsworthy if you want to have people follow you (as opposed to streams of consciousness).
That’s one way to go get your voice heard for sure.

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