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March 8, 2010 at 4:32 pm (Public Relations) (, , , )

The visit last week to Fishburn Hedges and this article sparked thoughts about how PR is advancing.

Campaign Planning: Planning a Revolution

The industry is moving towards a creative and chaotic world. The professionals PR agencies look for, need to be well versed in this brave new world. Strategies fundamentally change, as everything becomes faster thanks to the new media. Therefore those PR practitioners are sought after, who know how to use tools like blogs and Twitter wisely.
Their ability to think outside the box and constantly seek out new angles is also essential.  Everything is about invention and about avoiding duplication. Each brand is like a different individual.

This kind of PR is needed for brands, so that they stay in the public focus. They need to do this through reinventing themselves to avoid becoming boring. Simply updating old products or launching new ones is no longer enough.  Companies need to be more aware of social factor and the trends in business and this can be done through PR.
The understating of these trends and behaviors serve as the information basis to embrace or change it. Since these are also fast moving now and can pop up from anywhere, the PR  practitioner needs to be ready for that.

Agencies like Fishburn Hedges deal with exactly this chaotic world. They know that a year from know, what we know today may be completely outdated. They have an accepting and embracing attitude towards this.
Working in this industry is becoming more and more interesting and it is difficult to predict what will be next. This constant demand for development and improvement seems to stay. Being a PR practitioner is a real life long learning process.

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