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January 31, 2010 at 10:27 pm (Public Relations) (, , )

It is part of a PR practitioners job to send out press releases. More importantly, its is also their job to get their message through to their target audience effectively.
The campaign against “An Inconvenient PR Truth” show that there is a growing demand that PR people take care to send press releases only to those to whom it is relevant.
The emergence of this campaign indicates that sadly many people working in PR ignore the importance of targeting the right people. They don’t seem to  respect the fact that in today’s busy world people don’t have the time to read material irrelevant to them and the job they are doing.

The consequences? The PR industry as a whole gets bad reputation, this also affect those who may not be guilty of PR Spam.
This campaign is a wake-up call that warns the industry to take care not to ruin the relationship with the media with these small but annoying things. After all they are dependent on each other.
PR Spam can backfire and in this case it surely did.

The issue of irrelevant press releases will probably not go away, because sometimes it is difficult to tell who ( or which media outlet) would be interested in the story, but perhaps even making the effort to take more care in targeting can make a difference.

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