Corporates turn to social media in crisis

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It seems like an increasing number of corporations start to change their attitudes towards social media. Although, it is still seen by many PR chiefs as a source of threat. The are obvious dangers that social media pose to corporate reputation. News travels fast and it is virtually impossible to control information once its out there.
Probably this led corporations to use social media effectively to their own benefit.
On the other hand as Neil Bayley from Porter Novelly suggested this is trend that still needs to develop. The main problem is testing the use of social media in a crisis situation. The ability to respond the right way is an ability that corporation are yet to acquire.

The research done by Dynamic Markets suggest that bloggers are seen as a greater threat than the traditional media.
The agencies that participated in this research claimed that clients had reputation crisis problems that included social media. Almost half of them complained about journalists going to the wrong people. Through social media various sources with various levels of credibility are accessible.  It is easy to see why this is a problem, especially in a crisis situation.

It is necessary foe corporation to ultimately integrate social media in their PR practices. Social media just gets bigger and stronger, as things seem right now.  Companies big or small need to keep up with the digital sphere. They also need to do so with people who are trained and/or experienced in social media. These people are essential to responding well because of their strategic understanding of social media. The other valuable thing to take away from this, is preparation for crisis. Having flexible but tried and tested plans are the best assets a corporations can have in such an uncertain environment.

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Corporates increasingly turn to social media to mend damaged reputations


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Stop The Clock for Electronic Art

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Documentation and Conservation  of the Media Arts Heritage (DOCAM )

This video is to support the research into conserving contemporary electronic art. This is a fragile form of art because of the rapid development technological innovations. The various artifacts are threatened to disappear once the technology that made their existence possible become outdated.
What will be left of them to show for the future?

This is an educational project for MA in Public Relations University of Westminster.

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Did you know that seven is the lucky number in social media? Exploring The seven most important benefits of doing PR online.

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Did you know that seven is the lucky number in social media?
Exploring The seven most important benefits of doing PR online.

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social media webcast: the many sides of PR online

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This video introduces social media in PR. It discusses some of the practical theoretical, positive and negative aspects of it. Social media for example makes it easier to find your target audience. On the other hand it also makes the control of information much more difficult. Is social media the future of PR?

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The impact of Social Media on PR

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The good thing about getting involved with New Media as a PR student is that I get to know the theoretical side in general while learning how to use the new kinds of media. Exploring and experiencing social media as a user, blogger (publisher) as well as an aspiring PR professional gives so many viewpoint to look at social media.

Average people participating in social media we have various degrees of impact and undoubtedly they are being bombarded with so many messages and calls for action as well.Out of the various idea discussed in class around this new phenomenon the Concept of Multiple Voices stuck with me the most.  If we just forget for a minute there are journalists and corporations and PR professionals out there, we do just have the many voices of the internet users.For them to use their voice and not just submerge into the chaos of many voices that don’t make sense, they need to get organized. In other words as an ordinary user of the internet or blogger it just might be the case, that your voice is just worth as much as many supporters you attract and organize around you. Even if you are not a PR professional you need a plan and many help to get your message across.

This is where for example Twitter comes in. I just started to use it and learn about it recently. Some people get tweeting so right that they have thousands of followers. For me this is really amazing, because Twitter is not like Facebook where you have a very detailed profile through people ‘get to know you’ more.  Since Twitter focuses more on the messaging bit.  Your messages have to be newsworthy if you want to have people follow you (as opposed to streams of consciousness).
That’s one way to go get your voice heard for sure.

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